Ascham Homes Tower Block Refurbishment, Walthamstow – A (very) fleeting visit!

Project Type: Residential Refurbishment
Main Contractor: Ascham Homes
Product Used: GlazAir Glazed-in Ventilator
Project Completion: Late 2015

We haven’t yet got round to getting a full set of pictures of this scheme since completion, but managed to get one as we were passing (literally) recently.

The picture itself will not be winning any awards in the near future, but the finished scheme itself is a credit to the installer, our friends at The Window Company – who in the last year became the first company to retain the ‘Installer of the Year’ title at the G-15 awards. Our congratulations to them.

This was the first of three blocks of over 500 properties we completed for this scheme of white GlazAir ventilators.

This project teamed the vents with white PVC frames for a simple, discrete ventilation solution using the slim sight lines of our most popular glazed-in ventilator.















To find more about our most popular glazed-in ventilator, the GlazAir, please contact us here.