There is no business like show(room) business…

We were kindly asked to supply a display board to form part of the new showroom being put together by one of our customers in Edenbridge, Kent.

On it we featured a selection of our superb range of products, including;

MultiAir – One of our highest-performing glazed-in ventilators

GlazAir – Our most popular glazed-in ventilator

TwinAir – Glazed-in ventilator with enhanced weather performance and versatile twin flap operation

FlatAir Completely flush glazed-in ventilator commonly used in sliding and folding windows and doors

PyrAcoust – Slot ventilator which achieves up to 45dB and is the smallest acoustic ventilator on the market to achieve 5000EA airlfow

Pyramid – The smallest ventilator on the market to achieve 5000EA airflow

Slimline – Discrete and versatile slot ventilator available in a variety of standard and custom widths and compatible with slot heights down to 9mm


More information and pictures of this showroom will follow nearer the time of it’s opening at the beginning of June.


To find out more about any of our products, or to discuss obtaining samples or displaying our products in your showroom, please do not hesitate to contact us.